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Month: March 2022

Symptoms and ways to deal

What are cavid teeth?  Learn the symptoms and ways to deal with it from an expert

Covid-19 infections are not limited to affecting your lungs, but can also enter other organs, causing specific symptoms. One of the most important organs that shows visible signs of covid infection is when the virus enters your body and then into the mouth. Many people report complications of covid extending to their mouths and teeth. Onlymyhealth spoke to the editorial team Dr. Rashmi Tarachandani, Consultant General Physician, Meddo Rashmi Clinic, Learn about the symptoms and treatment of covid teeth.

How does COVID-19 affect your teeth?

When the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters through the nose and other respiratory tract, it can enter the bloodstream and enter your bloodstream through a receptor called AEC2. These receptors act as gateways for virus damage. Most of the receptors in the body are found in the mouth, especially in the tongue and gums. People with poor dental health may have high levels of this AEC2 receptor, which indicates a link between COVID and oral health.

According to a recent survey, researchers found that about 75 percent of the total participants who were hospitalized due to covid infection and had poor oral health. This may be due to the fact that dental health problems also come in the form of chronic health conditions that put the patient at risk of contracting the virus.

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Symptoms of cavid teeth

There are several visible signs of cavid teeth that are easily seen in your mouth or gums when the coronavirus enters your oral health. According to Dr. Rashmi, the main symptoms of cavid teeth are:

  • Gum pain
  • Blood clots in the gums
  • Fever and persistent cough
  • Jaw and toothache
  • Extreme fatigue

Ways to avoid covid teeth

Covid teeth

COVID-19 infections can affect the whole body, including your teeth. A person needs to be very careful about the health of his teeth. Patients who have previously been infected with covid should consult their doctor for regular checkups. There is still much research on the effects of coronavirus on dental health but there are many studies that can support this argument. Here’s how to deal with cavid teeth:

1. to clean

One must follow a strict dental care routine to maintain dental health after cavities. Brushing teeth twice a day, with regular flushing and mouthwash can already help you get a brighter healthy smile. Check your oral health to avoid complications of cavid teeth.

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2. Massage

Massage can be very helpful for our teeth as well as gums. It helps to eliminate plaque and increases blood flow to our gums. It also helps us to grip on our teeth again. You can start by using salt and turmeric, it can be a bit of a blow, so we must be careful not to put too much pressure or we can hit our gums instead.

These were the signs and ways to deal with cavid teeth. In rare cases, a person infected with covid can also suffer from dental infections, such as oral thrush. In such cases, it is advisable to see a doctor immediately and use some antifungal medication to control the seriousness of your oral health condition.

Celebrity Egg Freezing | 5 superstars who have frozen their eggs

5 Indian celebrities who have chosen to freeze eggs

Nowadays, egg accumulation has become a common fertilization process, if you are not physically or mentally ready to give birth to a baby at the present time. In fact, many celebrities choose this option primarily to focus on their careers and then build a family. Egg freezing, also called mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to preserve a woman’s eggs for future pregnancies. Eggs from your ovaries are frozen and stored for subsequent fertilization. A frozen egg can be stored, then combined with sperm in a lab, and implanted in your uterus whenever you want.

If you are not currently mentally or physically ready to become pregnant but want to become pregnant and have children later, the process of laying eggs can be an alternative. Unlike fertilized egg freezing (embryo cryopreservation), sperm are not required for egg accumulation because the eggs are not fertilized before they are frozen. The healthcare team can help you understand the process of egg laying and the potential risks associated with it. Keep reading the article to know about Indian celebrities who kept their eggs frozen due to different fertility.

Celebrities who have chosen to freeze eggs

From Ekta Kapoor to Rakhi Sawant, there are many celebrities who have publicly admitted to freezing their eggs. You may decide to use your frozen egg to conceive a baby by combining it with the sperm of your partner or even a sperm donor. Here is a definite list of 5 actresses who have chosen egg freezing:

1. Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor froze her eggs in 2019. And, she recently gave birth to son Ravi Kapoor in 2019. “I saved my eggs when I was 36,” she told Pinkvilla. Called for a long time I don’t know what it was Don I don’t know I thought I would get married, maybe not. It’s too late, if it happens. “

2. Tanisha Mukherjee

In an interview with Etimes, Tanisha Mukherjee, 39, talked about freezing her eggs. He said he had suspected it before but once he reached 39, he was sure about it “I wanted to freeze my eggs at the age of 33! That’s when I went to see my doctor (who finally froze my eggs now) …that’s funny but he stopped me from doing that when he told me about your body. Taking a toll on, he suggested that I should do it when I have no hope of having children, “said Tanisha.

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3. Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden, the former Miss World and Bigg Boss 2 contestant also froze her eggs and even gave birth to two healthy babies, once in 2016 and then in 2018. In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, he said, “I was just convinced by close friends about my plans. They thought I was totally crazy about considering such a weird thing. But I didn’t understand why I shouldn’t choose a method that Being a mother gives you the freedom to choose, no matter the age. “

4. Mona Singh

Mona Singh met her husband at the age of 39 but she did not want to have a baby in a hurry. “I’ve frozen my eggs and now I’m free. I did it at 34. Because I’m married now, I want to be quiet with my partner and travel the world with him. I have always traveled with my family or friends. I want to do it with my husband now and it is a different feeling now – to go for a walk, to get all the attention, to observe the Karwa Chauth vows – all this is very beautiful, although I love children. “If you ask me now, I’m not mentally ready for it. In later life, I will definitely think about it.”

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5. Rakhi Sawant

Lastly, Rakhi Sawant has been seen sharing her personal life with Bigg Boss 14 house co-contestants. In one of these interactions, she revealed that she wanted to be a mother and froze her eggs for this purpose. Moreover, she added that she wanted a father for her child, not a sperm donor.

Therefore, these were some Indian celebrities who froze their eggs a few years ago. One thing to note, however, is that the chances of getting pregnant after planting are about 30 to 60 percent, depending on the age and time of the egg-laying process. If you are older at the time of egg laying, it may reduce your chances of having children in the future.

Best Hui Protein Powder in 2022

How to use cold-water immersion to burn fat faster

In the winter it can be like running naked in the sea. But a new Scandinavian study (Where?) Found that immersing in cold water and then recovering from hot sun can give you an advantage in terms of weight loss.

In the study, researchers looked at the vitals of a group of young people who had spent at least two years swimming in cold water twice a week and compared them to a non-swimming control group.

They see people who swim regularly then sit in a sauna and burn more calories through brown fat (the type that keeps you warm). In short: immersion in cold water and then hot sauna bout can increase energy expenditure and reduce weight.

If you are thinking of taking a polar bear immersion this year, consider these tips:

  1. Get naked: More or less in the case of clothing. It can keep you toasted on the ground, but as the clothes get wet they cling to the skin, making the water feel even colder.
  2. Plug your ears: If you are prone to “ice cream headaches”, use earplugs to prevent water from accumulating in your ear canal.
  3. Avoid whiskey shots: Alcohol lowers your body temperature, making it difficult to handle cold water.
  4. To practice: Sit in an ice bath or take a cold shower for 2-3 minutes.
  5. View your dock: If you have heart problems, consult your doctor first, as cold water can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

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How former marathoner Ryan Hall gained more than 50 pounds of muscle

Ryan Hall holds the record for the fastest marathon (2:04:58) and half-marathon (59:43) run by an American, one of the greatest endurance athletes in the country. He retired in the mid-30s in 2016, but at an age when most men are doubling down on cardio, Hall decided to add muscle.

“A lot of pro athletes lose purpose when they retire,” says Hall. “I loved the challenge of running, but I took it as best I could. It’s not happening in my body anymore. I wanted to challenge myself, so I thought, how much muscle can I put on? How can I get stronger? It’s a crazy science experiment. “

Over the past several years, Hall has dedicated himself to bulking up 190 pounds of muscle from a 130-pound fat, marathon-running machine. The transformation is remarkable, not only because Hall has added more than 50 pounds of muscle, but also because he has successfully transferred his fitness and physique to an age when most of us are trying to hang on to any gain in our youth. Hall has been around for almost 40 years, and he has transformed himself into a functional fitness powerhouse that knocks out energy-crazy feats that most of us would never dare to dream of.

The man in the black T-shirt is cutting wood in gloves
Courtesy Ten Thousand

In October, he split a wooden cord before running under the Grand Canyon, where he filled two huge jugs of water (62 pounds) and the farmers carried them to the rim – in the process reaching a height of 5,000 feet. Hall said it took longer than he thought to split the wood (a wooden cord fills two 8-foot-bed pickup trucks), but it was the Grand Canyon that farmers carried that proved to be the hardest.

“I remember looking down at the rim and wondering what I was getting into,” Hall said. “I could have walked the longest without setting them on for about 45 seconds. It was like taking a break, taking them as far as possible, breathing very hard and putting copper in my mouth. It was like five hours straight.”

People are carrying jugs of water in the Grand Canyon
Courtesy Ten Thousand

Carrying 124 pounds of water to the Grand Canyon is a dramatic feat of energy, but for most of the day, Hall continues to work alone in his garage and backyard. He did not work with any strong coaches during the process. Instead, he read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book Bodybuilding Bible And as much information as he has received about powerlifting. Work is underway at his home gym (he has just added a leg press machine) but mostly consists of a power rack and some barbells. Hall never misses a day at the gym, but only dedicates an hour each day to exercise, moving around in different muscle groups, because he doesn’t want his fitness obsession to interfere with his family time and advanced coaching business.

“When I started, my goal was benching, squatting and deadlifting 300 pounds,” Hall said. “At the time, lifting 300 pounds seemed crazy to me. But now I’m doing 330 benches, 480 squatting and 530 deadlifting.”

They are impressive weightlifting hallmarks, but more important for Hall is that he is feeling better now than at the end of his current career.

“I was in a bad place when I retired,” Hall said. “I was weak, small and had low testosterone levels. I was tired all the time. As a pro marathoner you need to train your body as hard as you can, but your body can only sustain this kind of effort for so long. I was a zombie all day. Lifting has been a way for me to regain my strength and life. It was good for me, mentally and physically. “

There is a lot of scientific research to support Hall’s claim. According to the Mayo Clinic, muscles deteriorate with age and are replaced with fat at a leaner rate. Most of us lose 10 percent of our muscle mass every decade, starting in our 30’s. As you age, strength training can help maintain muscle mass, strengthen bones, and manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and heart disease. Studies also show that weight training can help improve your mood and increase testosterone levels in men, especially as they age.

People carry blue jugs of water to the Grand Canyon
Courtesy Ten Thousand

“We need to redefine what we think is old,” Hall said. “I have recently spoken to myself through that. I am 40 years old. How can I frame it in a more positive way? We are getting older, yes, but we are also developing. We’re not supposed to stay the same. We need to change our perspective on what is possible. ”

Hall is still experimenting with finding out what is possible with his own body, creating a stream of energy that numbs his mind like cutting wood in the Grand Canyon and carrying water. He aims to deadlift 500 pounds, then run sub-5-minute miles. And for her 40th birthday, she hopes to complete carrying a 500-pound yolk – where the weight is distributed in four different places at a time – for 5K. Hall statistics will take her five hours and her Grand Canyon will be more intense than the farmer’s carrying.

“I am currently training with 525 pounds in Kusum. It’s so intense, “says Hall. “I carry it 10 or 20 meters and I think my eyeballs will explode. I love that good stuff. I like to feel the pain of a marathon. The pain of carrying water to the Grand Canyon. That’s what makes me feel alive. “

Carrying a jug of water up a stone staircase
Courtesy Ten Thousand

Ryan Hall shares 5 rules for being strong

1. Nutrition is everything

The biggest component of strength training is nutrition. Keeping adequate food down is the hardest part of gaining muscle. I eat every three hours at the point. Lots of calories and lots of protein. This is madness. I can do the same proper training, but if I don’t eat enough, I lose energy. If I increase my calories, I see improvement and start to feel better.

2. Don’t be afraid to get soft

The bulking phase is an important part of muscle gain. You need to eat plenty of food and gain weight. Most boys are afraid to be soft. If they don’t see their abs, they get scared. You have to give up that. During my bulking stages, I look very round and swollen, but that’s just part of the process.

3. Set the bar low

Don’t aim for a 500-pound deadlift in two weeks. And don’t lift yourself up for hours at a time. Consistency, not punishing yourself, is the key to profit. What you can do in a short time is like crazy. I trained to carry Grand Canyon farmers in just 20 minutes a day. That’s it. Set the training bar low so you can stick to it.

4. Make it fun

Choose two or three exercises you want to do and do them for 20 minutes a day. For me, it’s heavy carrying and jumping rope. I can kill myself for 20 minutes, alternate between these two exercises, and have fun with it.

5. Build cardio in your weight training

You probably don’t have time to run or ride a bike and lift in the gym. So cut the rest time in the set to just 45 seconds. This will keep your heart rate right and keep your cardio in good shape. If I follow that plan, I can run 5-minute miles without training.

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Arizona startups are using hydropanel to extract water from thin air

Water is becoming more valuable as drought destroys many parts of the world. But the air we breathe is full of water. There is more water in the air than the combined water of all the rivers of the world. If only we could put a straw in it. A technology start-up has found a way to do this. Type, type. The company is Source Global and its groundbreaking hydropanels are operating in areas such as Saudi Arabia, Western Australia and the Warm Springs Reservations in arid Central Oregon.

Here, the four-by-eight-foot panel buzzes all day and closes at night. These are set up in cinder blocks, not plugged into anything Each weighs about 340 pounds dry, but they gradually become heavier as they are filled with water absorbed from the surrounding atmosphere. Each row of fans draws air into each panel, where it is transferred through a hygroscopic mesh material, which separates the water from the oxygen. The same sunlight that energizes the fan provides heat which conducts condensation, allowing water to accumulate in the internal reservoir. If you’ve ever built a solar station to collect condensate for drinking in the wild, you’ll get the idea.

After creating pure, distilled water, the panel pumps water into a faucet. If the line is not opened, water is run internally to keep it clean until someone drains it. The next day, it will be full again – until the sun is out.

People are drinking water in cowboy hats

To replicate our normal drinking water for taste and health, water is pushed through a mineral profile package. Source Global PBC

Hydropanels work off-grid and are self-contained. If they look like solar panels, solar energy drives their internal electronics. Each panel produces about one gallon and a half of water per day, depending on the climatic conditions.

Colin Goddard, senior director at Source Global, said: “This is a technology created in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, where relative humidity is low-10-percent for significant parts of the year where dehumidifiers do not work.” “We are uniquely capable of producing water in those places.”

Source Global is not the only company that has developed a device that produces drinking water from the air. Exaeris’ AcquaTap, which debuted at CES 2021, has similar functions, but is designed as a portable gadget for recreational users.

Sources say the goal is to bring drinking water to communities where access is otherwise difficult.

“We’re sourcing an average of 160 gallons a day,” said Jim Sawers, CEO of Worm Springs Economic Development Corporation. In a place where drinking water infrastructure is badly needed, the panels have a whitewashed fix.

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The best pre-workout powder of 2022 according to dietitians

The best post-workout carb supplement for endurance training

Tim Kennedy shared his brutal push-pull workout to empty the tank

Tim Kennedy is wearing a lot of hats. Most notably, Green Beret is an active duty master sergeant in the US Army Special Forces. With a decade-long career in UFC, Strikeforce and other promotions, he could be a successful MMA fighter. And he has starred in multiple TV shows, including Discovery Hard to kill Series

Do all these works have similarities? He has to be in great shape to do these things. As part of our daily Warrior series, we recently went to the gym with Kennedy to break up his “ABC workout”, a perfect full-body circuit for building muscle from head to toe.

This workout got its name from three parts labeled “A,” “B,” and “C” (plus a warmup). It is designed to work the whole body with alternate movements in a push-pull fashion. Spoiler alert: This is brutal. But would you expect anything less from a guy who has been an active duty Special Forces fighter and pro MMA fighter? At the same time?


Kennedy walked us through the workout while at the gym. You will start with an EMOM warmup — it is short for “every minute every minute”. It was created after a crossfit Cindy workout, but her version involves a set of toe bars, squats and pushups, repeated every minute for 10 minutes. Once your blood is pumping, it’s time to go to Section A of the workout.

The guy is pulling up
Photo courtesy

Section A consists of three parts: hitting SkiErg, then pullups then handstand pushups (that’s right, you’re going the other way in this workout). You will repeat the three segments a total of five times. Together they will work your legs, core, posterior chain, lats, rear delta, front delta and your chest as well.

Tim Kennedy is working on an assault bike
Photo courtesy

Then you move on to the B section, and that’s where things get really interesting.

“B is the devil,” Kennedy says Men’s Journal.

This section includes riding an assault bike until you burn 10 calories, then deadlift your body weight 10 times, then a set of 10 barpieces এবং and repeat the whole thing five times.

“We have a push here,” Kennedy said. “The bike is full body. The deadlift is the posterior chain and legs with a ton of core, and the burps are full body. “

Tim Kennedy is working on a rowing machine
Photo courtesy

Finally, you will round things out with the C part of the workout, where you burn 10 calories in a rowing machine, then grab a kettlebell for 10 snatches and swing 10. Like the previous two sections, you will repeat all three sets five times. In the process, you’ll work the posterior chains and quads.

Watch the full workout breakdown with the tools you need in the video above.

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Covid Vitamin D Effect | Study

Can vitamin D reduce the effects of COVID-19 infections?  Study answers

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for our body to stay healthy and functional. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that can actually play a role in building a healthy immune system. We all know how covid infections have increased in the last two years and infected millions of people worldwide. Vaccines are doing their best and preventing the risk of serious complications of the coronavirus. But is there any natural source of immunity that can be taken in daily life without worrying about the consequences. Vitamin D can actually reduce the effects of covid infections in some cases. Let’s look at these studies and their results.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D?

We talked to a nutritionist about the expert advice of vitamin D in his body. Mrs. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist, Fatima Hospital, Lucknow, says that this vitamin is very important for maintaining respiratory function.. Vitamin D in particular, which we get from sunlight, helps the body increase its resistance to many diseases and reduces the risk of infection. As we know sunlight kills some bacteria, it can also have a positive effect on the COVID-19 virus. Vitamin D may not be able to eradicate the infection but may reduce the chances of infection.

Studies on the effects of vitamin D on COVID-19

There is currently no cure for the corona virus and only preventative measures that people are working on. Some studies show that having a healthy source of vitamin D in the body can improve your immunity and protect you against respiratory illnesses in general. A recent study indicates that coronavirus patients who have adequate amounts of vitamin D in their body have a reduced risk of developing adverse complications.

The study actually explained the results of having vitamin D in the immune system. It enhances your health which reduces the risk of serious COVID infections. Vitamin D has been shown to be beneficial in protecting respiratory activity, which in turn can reduce the effects of corona virus. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and vitamin D can help the patient build a shield against the virus.

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How does Vitamin D affect the immune system?

If you look at the effectiveness of your immune system, you will see that there is a line of defense that prevents foreign entities from entering. These foreign particles include bacteria, viruses and other substances that affect different parts of your body. Vitamins play a major role in boosting immunity and providing anti-inflammatory benefits to the body. This vitamin also has immunoregulatory properties that activate the natural immune system in the system.

Vitamin D can also help you with the following conditions-

  • Respiratory illness
  • Tuberculosis
  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Effects of Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D in the body can lead to decreased lung function. It takes away the ability to fight respiratory problems, including the corona virus. Decreased levels of vitamin D increase the susceptibility to infections and immune disorders.

Can Vitamin D Supplements Protect You From COVID-19?

There is no cure for COVID-19 so it may not protect you from this viral infection but it can reduce your chances of developing serious complications. Vitamin D intake may affect the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Here are the results of the study:

25 Hydroxyvitamin D blood levels of at least 30ng / ml may actually help reduce the chances of serious consequences in COVID-19 infected patients. Some vitamin D supplements may be given to hospitalized patients to improve their symptoms.

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According to 235 patients with Covid-19, people over the age of 40 who had good levels of vitamin D were less likely to have adverse effects. They had 51.5% less chances which is actually a lot. They may even confine themselves to conditions such as hypoxia, unconsciousness, and death in those patients.

Picture Credit-