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9 Symptoms Women should never ignore

9 Symptoms Women should never ignore

Women neglect their health the most, a bitter truth. Women have a busy life, housework, family and career all together. This multitasking ability is a blessing in disguise for women because they can make their lives amazingly balanced. But in the middle, their health deteriorates. They forget to take care of themselves with age. Chronic headaches, frequent headaches, skin changes, severe weight changes, etc. are some of the symptoms that seem normal and so we ignore them. However, these are the anxious signs that your body gives. Missing these can lead to serious health problems over time. In this paragraph, Dr. Sujata Chakraborty, Consultant-General Medicine at Hiranandani Hospital, Fortis Network Hospital, Bhashi Explains 11 signs of poor health that should not be ignored.

Symptoms Women should never ignore

Here are some signs and symptoms that women ignore but should not do.

Frequent shortness of breath

This should not be ignored if you often experience shortness of breath or if you experience shortness of breath. It’s okay to work hard, but if you work hard and you have trouble breathing, it’s a sign of something serious. This can lead to a risk of silent heart attack. If there is chest pain, it may be due to an underlying lung disease.

Rapid heartbeat and chest pain

If you suffer from chest pain and frequent arm pain with rapid heartbeat, shoulder pain, shortness of breath, etc., it may be an underlying heart problem. Spontaneous rupture of the arteries that supply the heart muscle is rare, can affect young people, and occurs more frequently in women than in men.

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Symptoms Women should never ignore

Sudden weakness

If you suddenly start to feel weak around the limbs and face, it may be a warning sign of a stroke. Before the stroke you get many signals including difficulty in walking, blurred vision, confusion, loss of concentration, blurred speech, to name but a few. See a doctor right away for stroke prevention.

Monthly changes

The menstrual cycle does not change unless there is an imbalance of certain hormones in your body. It is normal to be a few days late or start a period but if you notice frequent changes in your menstrual cycle, do not take it lightly. These include blood flow, PMS, pain during periods, and duration of periods. You may have uterine or ovarian problems such as fibroids, cysts, etc. Therefore, regular gynecological examinations are very important.

Symptoms Women should never ignore

Skin changes

Visual changes in the skin such as darkening, skin tags, sesame growth, keratosis condition are some of the warning signs of your skin. When you create a health problem, your skin is also affected. These symptoms warn you of the underlying problems that you may be developing, such as diabetes and, sometimes, a serious skin condition.

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Sudden change in weight

Sudden weight loss or weight gain is a prominent sign that something is not right with your body. In most cases, sudden weight gain signals thyroid and diabetes. Similarly, you may suddenly lose weight due to liver disease, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome or cancer. If you haven’t changed your diet or exercise routine in a long time but are still experiencing these changes, consider these.

Lumps in the breast

Self-breast examination is an important routine analysis that helps prevent breast cancer. However, if you notice any lumps on the chest wall or skin, changes in the surface of the skin, changes in the appearance of the nipples, do not delay in going for treatment. These can be signs of breast cancer.

Drowsiness and runny nose

Symptoms Women should never ignore

If you feel drowsy more often than expected or you start snoring, don’t ignore it as it can lead to obstructive sleep apnea. Shortness of breath during sleep can lead to long-term cardiovascular problems.

Excessive stress and anxiety

Stress is a part of life but when you are under extra stress with anxiety, it can be detrimental to your health. Chronic stress should not be ignored as it can lead to depression. Mental health can be easily compromised and therefore needs to be taken care of.


Never ignore any suspicious symptoms that may be associated with your health. Don’t forget, health comes first and you must prioritize your health. Only then can you take care of your family.

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