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Autism in adults Symptoms and challenges

Autism in Adults: Learn the Signs and Challenges

Autism is a genetic disorder that affects thousands of people. It is a complex condition because the development of the person is hindered and growth is delayed. What we usually know about autism is that it occurs in children, but the reality is that adults are also affected by its wide range of communication and behavioral problems. Although autism is largely the same in children and adults, there is a slight difference in symptoms. Also, if our autism is delayed, in some cases the cause may be different. Here are some important aspects and effects of autism in adults that you must know.

Signs and symptoms of autism in adults

We talked Clinical Psychologist of Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow Learn about the different signs and symptoms of autism in adults. Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Here are some of the signs and symptoms you need to keep an eye on:

  1. The difference is in the way autistic people perceive the environment around them.
  2. There are some communication barriers that may be involved with some verbal abnormalities.
  3. Autistic adults maintain a very strict and repetitive behavior in them, patterns and behaviors also change and interfere with social interaction.
  4. Movement is difficult to control and can range from fine motor skills to speech volume
  5. Sudden and abnormal behavior with people around them, not being very social and having trouble reaching out to people for help
  6. In some cases, autistic adults, especially the elderly, tend to be more relaxed and understand the problems they are going through.


Effects of autism in adults

Interestingly, two people with autism or adults may not have the same symptoms. The psychologist says he looks at a number of autistic cases where people have a variety of behavioral problems. He claims that among adults, a person with a difference in symptoms encounters routine lifestyle issues and problems in their life. People with ASD find it difficult to adapt to the high-impact society around them.

Autistic people, especially adults, usually feel out of place due to problems in their normal routine. Autistic adults have trouble behaving similarly. They can easily get bored, find themselves in a strange position and have trouble working in the same capacity as others around them.

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Speech impairment and the autism spectrum can often be affected due to undiagnosed traits in adults. Indians do not go out for autism to seek expert advice for the treatment of their condition, but rather they separate the person from the daily routine which is wrong.

Challenges faced by autistic adults

1. Communication challenges

A common challenge and one that the majority of people suffer from is the communicative challenge. There are some communication problems that most people face-

  • Problems reading social sources
  • Difficulty in active participation in conversation
  • Having trouble reading body language and facial expressions
  • They have flat, monotonous and robotic talking style that does not communicate when you are feeling.
  • Inventing their own disturbing words and melodies for communication that are difficult for other people to understand.
  • Do not make eye contact with the person they are talking to
  • Just talk about some of their special favorite topics.
  • Building and maintaining close friendships becomes a challenge.


2. Emotional and behavioral challenges

Being an autistic adult can also have emotional and behavioral challenges. Here are some of the challenges they face:

  • Problems controlling emotions
  • Changes in routine and often an explosion of expectations occur
  • Getting upset about small things and moving on
  • Strict routines and behaviors most of the time.
  • Repetitive behavior in adults and again following certain behaviors
  • Making strange noises in places where it is quiet and unexpected

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