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Celebrity Egg Freezing | 5 superstars who have frozen their eggs

5 Indian celebrities who have chosen to freeze eggs

Nowadays, egg accumulation has become a common fertilization process, if you are not physically or mentally ready to give birth to a baby at the present time. In fact, many celebrities choose this option primarily to focus on their careers and then build a family. Egg freezing, also called mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to preserve a woman’s eggs for future pregnancies. Eggs from your ovaries are frozen and stored for subsequent fertilization. A frozen egg can be stored, then combined with sperm in a lab, and implanted in your uterus whenever you want.

If you are not currently mentally or physically ready to become pregnant but want to become pregnant and have children later, the process of laying eggs can be an alternative. Unlike fertilized egg freezing (embryo cryopreservation), sperm are not required for egg accumulation because the eggs are not fertilized before they are frozen. The healthcare team can help you understand the process of egg laying and the potential risks associated with it. Keep reading the article to know about Indian celebrities who kept their eggs frozen due to different fertility.

Celebrities who have chosen to freeze eggs

From Ekta Kapoor to Rakhi Sawant, there are many celebrities who have publicly admitted to freezing their eggs. You may decide to use your frozen egg to conceive a baby by combining it with the sperm of your partner or even a sperm donor. Here is a definite list of 5 actresses who have chosen egg freezing:

1. Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor froze her eggs in 2019. And, she recently gave birth to son Ravi Kapoor in 2019. “I saved my eggs when I was 36,” she told Pinkvilla. Called for a long time I don’t know what it was Don I don’t know I thought I would get married, maybe not. It’s too late, if it happens. “

2. Tanisha Mukherjee

In an interview with Etimes, Tanisha Mukherjee, 39, talked about freezing her eggs. He said he had suspected it before but once he reached 39, he was sure about it “I wanted to freeze my eggs at the age of 33! That’s when I went to see my doctor (who finally froze my eggs now) …that’s funny but he stopped me from doing that when he told me about your body. Taking a toll on, he suggested that I should do it when I have no hope of having children, “said Tanisha.

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3. Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden, the former Miss World and Bigg Boss 2 contestant also froze her eggs and even gave birth to two healthy babies, once in 2016 and then in 2018. In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, he said, “I was just convinced by close friends about my plans. They thought I was totally crazy about considering such a weird thing. But I didn’t understand why I shouldn’t choose a method that Being a mother gives you the freedom to choose, no matter the age. “

4. Mona Singh

Mona Singh met her husband at the age of 39 but she did not want to have a baby in a hurry. “I’ve frozen my eggs and now I’m free. I did it at 34. Because I’m married now, I want to be quiet with my partner and travel the world with him. I have always traveled with my family or friends. I want to do it with my husband now and it is a different feeling now – to go for a walk, to get all the attention, to observe the Karwa Chauth vows – all this is very beautiful, although I love children. “If you ask me now, I’m not mentally ready for it. In later life, I will definitely think about it.”

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5. Rakhi Sawant

Lastly, Rakhi Sawant has been seen sharing her personal life with Bigg Boss 14 house co-contestants. In one of these interactions, she revealed that she wanted to be a mother and froze her eggs for this purpose. Moreover, she added that she wanted a father for her child, not a sperm donor.

Therefore, these were some Indian celebrities who froze their eggs a few years ago. One thing to note, however, is that the chances of getting pregnant after planting are about 30 to 60 percent, depending on the age and time of the egg-laying process. If you are older at the time of egg laying, it may reduce your chances of having children in the future.

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