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Earwax Blockage | Symptoms cause

Earwax Blockage: Find out the symptoms, causes and when to consult a doctor

How often do you rub your ears or try to get an earbud due to ear irritation? It can happen once or twice a day, but sometimes it can be more severe than other symptoms of ear problems. Ear Wax Blockage Ear damage is the sound used to accumulate normal mucus in the ear. Earwax is a natural compound called cerumen that accumulates in your ears and does not go away due to washing. Although ear wax is helpful because it acts as a natural defense for the body to prevent bacterial infections, it is important that you get it tested if irritation develops. Today we will talk in detail about ear wax blockage and how this condition affects the health of the ear.

What is an earwax blockage?

According to Dr. Ishan Kumar Rastogi, ENT Specialist at Vojart Healthcare Hospital, Bangalore to learn more about this condition. He said that wax or mucus accumulates in the ear which can cause obstruction in the ear due to natural processes in the ear. It affects your auditory nerves and the ability to hear and hear. Ear wax usually acts as a natural defense of the body but if the wax is not removed it can be especially problematic, it can also be a problem of balance for the person. It is always recommended to have your ear examined if you have any symptoms of ear wax blockage to prevent future health adverse effects.


Symptoms of earwax blockage

The point to consider is that ear wax blockage does not mean that you cannot hear immediately or become unbalanced. Symptoms are very mild which tend to increase over time if the condition is not treated and taken seriously. Here are some tips to help you-

  • Ear pain
  • Cough
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling fullness in the affected ear
  • Hearing certain sounds or playing sounds in the ears
  • Hearing loss or hearing relatively loud sounds

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The cause of the risk of earwax blockage

You must be aware of some of the risk factors that lead to problematic situations and complications of earwax blockages. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

1. Symptoms of other ear-related conditions – Sometimes people confuse ear wax blockage as a more serious ear infection and try to take medication or ear drops for it. This can cause side effects in your ears. On the other hand, sometimes it is very difficult to know that there is ear wax blockage because all the symptoms look good. Ear pain can also lead to complications, so you need to consult a doctor for expert advice.

2. Wax removal cannot be done manually – If you find that there is too much in your eardrums, it is best to go to a specialist for help. According to experts, using earbuds is harmful to the ears because they can push wax further into the ear which can cause more difficulty in hearing. If you try to pick wax from your ears, your eardrums are likely to be damaged and you will need surgery to treat it. So always choose an ear specialist to look into the matter and take out the wax.

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Causes ear wax blockage

There are many possible causes of ear wax blockage, under normal circumstances, it is caused by the secretion of wax from the glands of your skin which lines the outer part of the ear canal. The wax and short hair present in the ears prevents dust and prevents foreign particles from getting inside the ears and body.

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According to ENT experts, the small amount of ear wax present in the gland is always excreted and then replaced. Ear wax obstructions that are caused by natural causes can be cleaned with the help of cotton buds using special ear tools available at the doctor.

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