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How to talk about periods with men

How do you talk about periods with men in your life?  The psychologist explains

Menstruation is banned in India for a long time. Some young people have started talking openly about it but there is still a large majority of the population who are still trying to hide the fact from telling men. There is still a lot of hesitation from people in rural areas and previous generations. Periods are a natural phenomenon that women experience for most of their lives, men are aware of it but still do not know how to admit it. Cross-gender hesitation and hesitation has created a huge backlog in providing women with good sanitary care and a good environment. Menstrual pain is a real thing and men of all ages should understand it.

Today we will discuss some tips on how women can confront men with periods in their lives and make it seem absolutely normal. Have with us Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist, Health Care Clinic, Lucknow.


How to talk about periods with your friends?

Living in a society where all men and women are educated and work together. It is quite clear that girls will also have male friends. Going out with them, it may be that you can get your period at odd times. In this situation it is always good to be aware of the situation of male friends and you can tell them without any hesitation what you are taking. This will help to deal with the stigma and provide assistance when needed most. Tell them about your experiences, problems and issues related to the menstrual cycle.

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How to talk about periods at work?

Women actively work in society but try to hide a pad when they are menstruating in the middle of work hours. They can’t carry sanitary pads with the confidence that they can carry a comb or lipstick or liner etc. Making men around your workplace more aware of menstrual and potential problems can help dispel negative perceptions about it. Periods are often used as an excuse to keep women away from the office yard and not to hire them. Although it can be difficult to talk about periods, you can at least tell your male partners without any shame that you have menstruated or are going through it.

How to talk to your partner about menstruation?


Your life partner or better half is the easiest person to talk to most of the time. She is the one with whom you share your life, and since the menstrual cycle is a big part of it, it is important for her to know about it. Women should try to sit down with them and discuss this in detail so that they can understand your situation and support you in your difficult times. This can help you provide proper care and hygiene that might otherwise be taken for a spin. So tell your spouse, fianc or boyfriend about the period very seriously.

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How to talk about period with men in the family?

The family stays with you from beginning to end, they can come to your rescue at any time. It is clear that girls are hesitant, hesitant and a little embarrassed when they have to ask their fathers about sanitary pads. But it shouldn’t be, your dad is a person who knows and experiences more than we often think. She is the first person to think about your safety and hygiene and bring you sanitary napkins, menstrual cups or tampons. It’s relatively easy with a brother because he’s the same age and it might be better to talk about the period.

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