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Orthodontics treatment | How to get clean aligner therapy

What is Clear Aligner Therapy?  Learn how to get this orthodontic treatment by a specialist

Advances in technology over the past few decades have revolutionized all areas of life, including the dental care industry. Orthodontics, a specialized branch of dentistry, has witnessed interesting developments in the field. Notable is the transition from metallic braces to clear aligners. Today traditional metal braces are no longer the only way to straighten teeth, a fancy virtually invisible eyeliner treatment can also work magic. Clean aligners fit on teeth and can be removed when you don’t want to eat something “brace-friendly” (like an apple) if you want to brush your teeth well or play your favorite game.

How to get the best orthodontic treatment?

Some potential consumers aren’t sure how to get started. Although the technology has evolved and there are some devices that can be used to straighten teeth, some may be more suitable for you than others. Before starting any treatment it is worth investing in a personal examination with a registered specialist orthodontist who will be able to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment method. To straighten teeth is above all a medical procedure and requires expert knowledge, training and experience.


When you are being treated by a specialist orthodontist with a prescription – they will give you instructions and advice about your treatment plan. He or she will tell you about your plans for ongoing supervision as well as what follow-up will be needed to check your progress. In case of unusual discomfort or pain you can also make an appointment to see them in person. Dental movement is a complex procedure that needs to be performed properly and with supervision by a registered orthodontist.

What is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Let’s understand Dr. Preeti Udayaraja, an orthodontist in Chennai, talks about clear eyeliner therapy. We will also know why it is recommended only under the supervision of a registered orthodontist.

He explained that the market has been flooded with options for straightening teeth. However, treatment of malocclusion (i.e. misaligned teeth) should only be done by a certified orthodontist. It is started under the ongoing supervision of an orthodontist during personal examination of teeth and gums and treatment before starting treatment.

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The alignment of your teeth not only affects your smile, but also how the bottom half of your mouth looks. Miscellaneous teeth can have other conditions such as gum disease, affected wisdom teeth, etc., all of which require holistic treatment.

Miscellaneous dental treatment

The treatment plan is custom-made for each person by a trained and certified orthodontist. Clinical assessment of teeth, jaw movements, history of habits affecting teeth, dental X-rays and facial bones are important to arrive at a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s needs.


The movement of the teeth is brought by a constant force on the teeth transferred to the bone. Improper use of force can cause loosening of teeth, your teeth may return to normal after treatment and other complications may occur. In older patients with gum and bone problems, the force applied to the movement of the teeth needs to be closely monitored.

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A specialist is the best person for your treatment and is well-equipped to deal with or anticipate the potential complications of your treatment, “said Dr. Udayaraja. Always rely on the advice and guidance of a registered orthodontist when deciding to straighten your teeth. A registered orthodontist will create an individualized care plan for your treatment and monitor your progress from start to finish.

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