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Recharge with Molliteum and take control of your life

What really separates the best from the best, the average performer? Is it really that extra gear, or that “thing” that allows a person to consistently achieve even in the face of adversity? It has resilience, and Molitium Apparently found the formula for how to make it.

Molitium Founded in 2015 by co-owner Matthew Calderoni, after returning to the country from playing football in Italy, he had a mission: to discover how to help top performers put their mental game into practice. Matthew’s biggest challenge was to use the psychological skills given to him by psychologists in performance; These were great in theory, but not too complicated to work with, or what they needed. So, he decided to crack the code and find the easiest and most applicable ways for all kinds of actors to control their minds and build their resilience.


In early 2016, Matthew became one of the youngest resilient coaches to work with professional athletes, when he was just 22 years old when he worked with his first NHLer. Later in 2016, his brother Chris Calderoni came as co-owner where the two have built a company around resilience, which has helped over 5,300 top performers to date. Molitium Has become a “go-to” in the high-performance world or the Gold Standard, helping some of the best in their sport find practical ways to train their resilience, such as Laurie Markkanen, DJ Reed and Pierre-Luke Dubois, to name a few. Molitium Has been able to work with some of the best Fortune 500 companies in the world and has helped various youth organizations create a curriculum for resilience. Not only that, they are in the process of serving thousands of people in the area of ​​personal development, creating resilience programs for “everyday” so that they too can feel what professionals do.

What makes Molitium Unique, however, is not necessarily their messaging, but their method. MolitiumContrary to many people’s beliefs, it is not a mental performance company, but a lifestyle brand. They have been able to break down the elasticity of a science, specifically their ability, commitment, focus and perseverance or what they call the “4 quadrants of elasticity” to help them discover their true potential. They have even created an industry elastic profile that is able to score an individual’s elasticity with 93% accuracy. Molitium Never having to talk to a person; They help people understand how they have graded out across 16 different subcategories so that they can work on their resilience in a way that is specific to them. Matt makes it clear that they only believe in specificity. For this reason, they quickly recruit different, and help them predict their future by scouting, agency.

Molitium A company that is rapidly capturing the market, and one that many will pay attention to if they really want to build their resilience. As Matt puts it, “We learn what people need to know about their bodies, but neglect the mind. We know how to take care of stretched muscles or weak biceps, yet never teach people how to deal with temporary trauma. Many people feel stuck. People must take control of their minds and build their resilience in practice, otherwise when inevitable adversity strikes, they will never see it. The reason we exist is because we give people their It helps to discover the real potential and we see that the real potential of human beings lies on the other side of building their resilience. “

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