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Tim Kennedy shared his brutal push-pull workout to empty the tank

Tim Kennedy is wearing a lot of hats. Most notably, Green Beret is an active duty master sergeant in the US Army Special Forces. With a decade-long career in UFC, Strikeforce and other promotions, he could be a successful MMA fighter. And he has starred in multiple TV shows, including Discovery Hard to kill Series

Do all these works have similarities? He has to be in great shape to do these things. As part of our daily Warrior series, we recently went to the gym with Kennedy to break up his “ABC workout”, a perfect full-body circuit for building muscle from head to toe.

This workout got its name from three parts labeled “A,” “B,” and “C” (plus a warmup). It is designed to work the whole body with alternate movements in a push-pull fashion. Spoiler alert: This is brutal. But would you expect anything less from a guy who has been an active duty Special Forces fighter and pro MMA fighter? At the same time?


Kennedy walked us through the workout while at the gym. You will start with an EMOM warmup — it is short for “every minute every minute”. It was created after a crossfit Cindy workout, but her version involves a set of toe bars, squats and pushups, repeated every minute for 10 minutes. Once your blood is pumping, it’s time to go to Section A of the workout.

The guy is pulling up
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Section A consists of three parts: hitting SkiErg, then pullups then handstand pushups (that’s right, you’re going the other way in this workout). You will repeat the three segments a total of five times. Together they will work your legs, core, posterior chain, lats, rear delta, front delta and your chest as well.

Tim Kennedy is working on an assault bike
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Then you move on to the B section, and that’s where things get really interesting.

“B is the devil,” Kennedy says Men’s Journal.

This section includes riding an assault bike until you burn 10 calories, then deadlift your body weight 10 times, then a set of 10 barpieces এবং and repeat the whole thing five times.

“We have a push here,” Kennedy said. “The bike is full body. The deadlift is the posterior chain and legs with a ton of core, and the burps are full body. “

Tim Kennedy is working on a rowing machine
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Finally, you will round things out with the C part of the workout, where you burn 10 calories in a rowing machine, then grab a kettlebell for 10 snatches and swing 10. Like the previous two sections, you will repeat all three sets five times. In the process, you’ll work the posterior chains and quads.

Watch the full workout breakdown with the tools you need in the video above.

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