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Top 5 CBD Products for Sleep, Recovery, Pain and Stress

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By now, you’ve probably heard of a handful of illnesses that science and athletes say CBD can actually help with: Sleep problems if you have a big meeting tomorrow, body aches after digging off your mountain bike, stress or anxiety during work , And restore muscle after a heavy day or chest day.

But the key to harnessing the power of CBD is to extract snake oil from reliable sources. This means finding brands that have intentional formulations.

For starters, it looks like using high-quality flax. But we think it’s best not to rely solely on CBD রয়েছে there are other plants that can be used as medicine to help you sleep better or recover faster.

Enter EvanA no-fuss CBD brand that focuses on high-quality extracts trusted by world-class athletes.

Evn CBD products are made from non-GMO, organically grown flax plants on family-owned flax farms in Colorado. Small farms taken care of by real people are usually a guarantee for high quality plants.

Evn then uses premium-grade CO2 equipment to extract CBD from the flax plant for cleaner distillation and tests all of its final formulas in recognized, third-party independent labs to make sure it is meeting quality and consistency standards.

The result: You keep an incredibly high-quality CBD in your body that is guaranteed to be as pure, reliable, and effective as possible.

But there are two more reasons why EVN CBD products are different from others. For starters, its products focus on sleep, pain relief and other ailments and gain more than just the power of CBD – the formulas are thought out with other powerful herbs and plants proven by science to help you find relief, such as Curcumin for pain and L-theanine for sleep.

But the real Clincher: Evn guarantees a 30-day satisfaction that says you will get your money back if its products do not help your illness. So there is little reason not to give a shot to the brand trusted by athletes and everyday boys.

Here is our top pick.

Jar with cocoa-like powder which is called slip powder
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For sleep: Evn slip powder

As much as we have little research on CBD, we are confident enough that it can help with sleep problems: those who had early sleep problems when they took CBD a month before bedtime, about 67 percent began to get a good night’s rest, a big 2019 report . Study in Perm Diary. Other studies show that CBD can even help people with sleep apnea and insomnia.

Evn’s Sleep Powder offers 20mg full-spectrum CBD per serving, which allows for an anthocyan effect where terpenes and other cannabinoids can work together to increase the potency of CBD.

But what makes this powder really strong is that, in addition to cannabinoids, this product is enhanced by a blend of vitamins and minerals that are supported by science that help you fall asleep faster or sleep longer, including magnesium, passion flower, L. -Thenine and melatonin.

The powder has a nice, slightly sweet vanilla-cocoa flavor that blends well with warm milk or the “milk” alternative – a night drink that will give you uninterrupted rest for tomorrow’s adventure.


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Orange capsules are spread on the side of the bottle with white and yellow labels
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For pain: Evn CBD Curcumin Capsules

You’ve probably heard of CBD’s psychoactive brother, THC, a great remedy for pain, but you don’t really need the mind-altering effects to get relief: a 2016 study European Journal of Pain Topical CBD has helped relieve pain and inflammation in rats without any side effects, and in 2019, 79 percent of people Perm Diary Studies have shown that nocturnal CBD helps improve their anxiety and sleep.

Evn’s CBD Curcumin Capsules are ideal for relieving pain, in addition to the 25mg high-quality CBD, each capsule contains 10mg Curcumin. The bright yellow chemical of turmeric, curcumin helps reduce inflammation, theoretically relieves pain.

Packed with that extra punch and all-natural relief, these capsules are ideal for holding hands whether you’re looking to soothe sore joints after a long day at work or a muscle day after a big day in the mountains.


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Salvage the CBD in the jar with the box above
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For Athletic Recovery: Evn CBD Salvage

Now, CBD for Athletic Recovery is a field we don’t have a ton of human research to support, but it’s a common recovery tool we’ve heard athletes swear by. And some animal studies report that topical creams with pure CBD can be both anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving.

For the purpose of rubbing the skin after a heavy lifting day or long run, Evan’s CBD Solve provides 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per jar to help soothe tired muscles. The formula is developed by eucalyptus and lavender oils, a favorite of world-class athletes and weekend fighters. Not only do these medicinal plants help you to relax, but they also help to soothe balm odors by rubbing against sore muscles. The base of the salve is wax and MCT oil, which is easy on highly hydrating and sensitive skin, so it will agree with most.


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Leaning dropper on tincture bottles with white and yellow labels
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If you regularly feel anxious or stressed, we cannot recommend more than CBD. Studies show that small doses of cannabinoids can help with a range of anxiety-related disorders. Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has reported that rats given CBD reduce anxiety and lower heart rate. In particular, CBD can help offset those deep night, anxiety-induced, wide-awake feelings – which most of us know very well.

For stress and anxiety, we prefer Evan’s Pure CBD formulas, which provide a super clean cannabinoid from organic, small-farm flax plants without any herbs or minerals to enhance the effect. For this, Evn we have two products of choice.

White and orange labeled bottles of colorful glue bears are flying around
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CBD Glue Beers are ideal if you want a smaller, more controlled dose. You can find out exactly how much CBD you are getting with each glue (10mg) and you can adjust your dose more or less according to how you feel one by one. It will take longer to enter (your body needs to digest it), but it is often more subtle and stable.


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Meanwhile, tinctures are more versatile as your levels of stress and anxiety range from day to day. These are also ideal if you need relief for a quick kick. Evn’s tinctures are made with broad-spectrum CBD, which means it has no traces of THC but benefits other plant compounds.

A complete dropper of Evn’s CBD oil will provide 50mg of natural stress relief. This means that if you need a little help stopping the feeling of heart-racing, you can play with a quarter or a half dropper; Then, on those days when you are looking for a serious peace – say, after a meeting or a long trip – you can get more milligrams of relief without eating a bunch of capsules or gummy bears.


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