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Treatment of spondylosis without surgery through homeopathy

Is it possible to treat spondylosis without surgery?  Find out from the doctor

A common condition that affects the spine is known as spondylosis. This is a general term that includes degenerative changes in the spine that can be caused by wear. The term ‘spondylitis’ is often misused in place of spondylosis so that people believe it to be one. It is an umbrella term that includes age-related spinal wear and tear. Chronic pain in the neck and back can be caused by spondylosis and needs to be treated. Another common misconception is that it can only be treated with surgery. In this paragraph, Dr. Kushal Banerjee, MD (Home), MSc (Axon) Explains the treatment of spondylosis through homeopathy.

Meaning and types of spondylosis

Spondylosis occurs because the intervertebral disc shrinks, dehydrates, and other changes occur. Dislocation of the intervertebral disc can cause inflammation of the nerves arising from the spine. The inner parts of the disc can also be herniated (stretched) because the outer covering becomes less flexible with age. Spondylosis indicates inflammation of the spine and is a less common condition.

The two most common types of spondylosis are cervical and lumbar spondylosis. These terms indicate the location of the problem in the spine, the cervical spine or, broadly, the neck area and the lumbar spine that is involved in the lower back. Cervical spondylosis can affect about eighty-five percent of people after the age of sixty but does not cause any symptoms. Symptoms may include pain and numbness or shaking along the neck and arms (in cervical spondylosis) and back and legs (in lumbar spondylosis). In some cases, there may be difficulty moving, loss of grip, or loss of bladder or rectal control. The last set of symptoms should be reported to a doctor without delay.

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How do you know if a person has spondylosis?


Although wear and tear is generally considered in older patients, in reality, we see a higher number of younger patients with spondylosis. This trend has intensified over the past year, as patients have been forced to work from home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

  • In the home setting, many patients are forced to use furniture that is not for computer or office work, without many hours of breaks.
  • This exacerbates the problem, including the inability to exercise.
  • The constant use of digital devices, be it computers, tablets or mobile phones, is a major factor in the development of these and other related conditions in young patients.
  • A physical examination after a detailed description of the symptoms is usually considered sufficient to begin conducting, but a simple X-ray can serve as an important tool to confirm the diagnosis.

How can homeopathy help spondylosis?

“Many patients visit us in our practice when they are bored with repeated painkillers, muscle-relaxing and repeated sessions of physiotherapy. Homeopathy is exceptionally effective, not only in the pain management of these patients, but also helps to repair certain degenerative changes that bring long-term relief even if the medication is discontinued, ”said Dr. Kushal Banerjee.

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Homeopathic remedies for spondylosis

Homeopathic treatment of spondylosis

Some common and highly effective medications for cervical spondylosis include Actae Racemosa and Rhus Toxicodendron. Colocynthis and ink bichromicum are highly effective in lumbar spondylosis.

Things note

It is important to note that self-determined use of rear braces, neck collars, and other such devices can result in severe atrophy of the limbs. Due to prolonged and careless use of these devices we usually see it in patients. The key to long-term relief, however, is addressing the cause. Here are some important considerations when taking homeopathic remedies for spondylosis:

  • In most cases this involves adopting healthy habits.
  • Regular exercise involves strengthening the supporting structures of the spine and correcting posture.
  • Help limit the use of digital devices as much as possible and reduce the likelihood of recurrence of paused symptoms.


If any pain persists for a few weeks, never ignore it. General pain may appear suddenly but decreases over time, usually within a few days. Spondylosis is the result of neglected / unexplained pain and is preventable. Also, surgery is not the only treatment but you can look to homeopathy for effective treatment.

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