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Vacation sex: Proven tips and packing list

Whether you are unmarried, partner or married, vacation sex is free. “Vacation mode” lets you take off everyday responsibilities for a trip, making you more receptive to new experiences. When the obstruction is less and the focus is more smooth, the senses are higher.

It’s a subconscious method – to come to things with a more open mind. It ranges from tasting new foods to new sexual experiences.

When there is a lot of “innovation” around you, it can be very stimulating. And sharing new experiences with a partner actually creates emotional intimacy, says relationship coach Lee Wilson.

In fact, it not only strengthens intimacy, which is conducive to long-term relationships, but, according to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, fancy interactions with travel can usually create higher levels of excitement.

Proven tips

Dr. Justin Lehmiller surveyed Americans about their sexual fantasies for his book Tell me what you want. He found that 83 percent imagined sex in an outdoor environment, such as on a beach, and 90 percent imagined sex in a hotel.

“Beaches are strongly associated with romance and relaxation, so I recommend it to many clients,” Wilson insisted. (Remember how private the area is; no one wants to be accused of indecent exposure.)

“Bed and breakfast are also romantic and it helps you focus on your partner,” Wilson added. “A vacation based on a shared hobby, such as scuba diving, photography, wine tasting, fishing and horseback riding, will increase emotional intimacy and can often be a jump start to revitalize your sex life.”

In addition to the new environment and experience, of course, there is the direct opposite: you are breaking the routine by refraining from daily responsibilities, which often comes as stress and libido (think about work, work, kids, finances). “It can be great to be away from home and not worry about when to pick up laundry, dishes or kids’ football,” reiterated Tami Rose, sex educator and romantic adventurer, Adult Novelty store owner in Jackson, Mississippi.

It makes it almost second-nature, then, not only to relax and surrender to your sexual desires, it breaks your routine in your sex life. “One of the things I love about the holidays is that you’ll never see these people again,” Rose said. “So who would talk if you were caught kissing for a long time in the elevator or flashed some meat in front of an open window in a tall tower? No one. But the danger of being caught doing something naughty in public is a big turn for many people. It can play your partner’s chimes in a whole new way. “

In this way, travel presents an opportunity to communicate with your partner about what you want and what works for you – then you can bring it back into your sex life at home. “It makes our partner feel new and different, yet we can go home with them and experience comfort and familiarity with them,” Rose said.

Wilson adds that since vacation often means more leisure time, it translates to more time for sex And When having sex.

“I often suggest changing positions,” he said. “Go missionary to doggie-style cowgirls without trying to feel the orgasm. Enjoy the sex act yourself without worrying about where you are at reaching the climax and stay in the moment.”

Once you’ve experimented with your favorite locations, Wilson says you can make a game out of it, advising couples to have sex for a certain amount of time without orgasm. “It’s amazing what it can do for sex life,” he added.

If you are thinking of booking your next trip for Spark Fire, Rose inspires you to choose a vacation place that is completely different from where you usually live. For example, if you live in a sleepy, rural suburb, opt for a long weekend in a lively environment like Vegas or vice versa. This will allow you to have an immersive ride, which creates new phenomena both in and out of bed.

Vacation sex packing list

In addition to clothing that makes you confident, bring lube to increase pleasure, comfort and duration. If you have sex toys that you want to use — or better yet, sex toys you are dying to try keep them in your suitcase. Vacations are a good time to take advantage of low barriers.

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