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World Health Day special facial care tips on sticky smiles

Oral Health for World Health Day: What is a sticky smile and how can you treat it?

It is true that beauty comes from within but a good smile is something that I am sure none of us can resist. Laughter makes us look more beautiful and is something we don’t want to talk about. OnlyMyHealth is celebrating World Health Day 2022 and we will focus on stories that can raise awareness of the important health issues we are going through in our daily lives. Since oral health is a very important but equally neglected part of our health awareness, we will discuss sticky smile. It is a verbal problem that breaks your self-confidence due to inconsistent display of gums and teeth. Interestingly, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar also has a sticky smile, but he is a proud carrier of it.

What is a sticky smile?

OnlyMyHealth hosted a live session on our Youtube page as part of our Healthy Living Campaign to talk about oral health. Dr. Rajesh Sethi, Clinical Director of Dazzle Dental Clinic and MDS, Periodontist and Implantologist. In the session he explained about the sticky smile and its treatment. The sticky smile is the balance between your white part (teeth) and the pink part (gums) when you smile.


He said that many people lose their self-confidence due to not being able to smile in social circles and not being able to speak openly due to sticky laughter. In an exclusive interview, he further mentioned that there is nothing to be ashamed of but people who suffer from this dental problem can easily get it treated. There are both surgical and non-surgical ways to treat sticky smile, but he prefers non-surgical way because it is a more natural way to get a good smile.

The reason for the sticky laughter?

In this world of perfection, treating your smile is also achievable. The sticky smile can be due to various reasons, the following list is given here-

  • Due to jaw development problems
  • Wrong bite
  • Overactive or overly small lips
  • Excessive gingival display

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How can you treat sticky smile without surgery?

As dentistry has progressed over the years, it is now possible to treat a number of dental procedures without surgery. According to our experts, it is very possible to treat sticky laughter with the help of non-surgical methods. Here’s what you can do:

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics can be a good and easy option when you want to restore a perfect smile. Glue smiles due to jaw problems or inappropriate bites can be corrected using this method. Treating these underlying dental problems can take care of any kind of discomfort related to pain or sticky smile. Make sure you talk to your dentist before taking any orthodontic treatment as each person may be suitable for a different procedure.

1. Crowns or Veneers

Since sticky smile is not a major concern for facial health, crowns are a slow and safe alternative to treating sticky smile. Attaching a crown to your teeth can be just as good as an aesthetic treatment. You will not feel any discomfort while placing a crown on your teeth and will help them to look longer and bigger. This will help maintain the balance of your teeth and gums when you smile. This is a non-aggressive attempt to reduce the appearance of sticky laughter.


2. Route planning and scaling methods

Scaling is the process of removing plaque from the teeth up to your roots in the gums. Root canal treatment is a common procedure followed by dentists. In this procedure, the teeth are scaled and then the dentist smooths the base of the teeth so that your gums are reattached. It helps to clean your teeth and change the gums of the person responsible for the sticky smile.

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Surgical procedures for the treatment of sticky laughter

In addition to the procedures mentioned above, there are a variety of surgical procedures that can be performed to treat a sticky smile. Remember that most surgical procedures are expensive and may not satisfy you completely. Here are some surgical procedures that are performed as dental surgery to treat this problem-

1. Lip Repositioning Surgery or Botox – As the name implies, this surgical procedure restores your lips in such a way that when you smile it balances the white and pink parts.

2. Laser gum contouring- This method uses laser to contour the gums and bring them back to the gum line. This helps to cover your gums more gum which aligns it in a balanced proportion with your teeth.

3. Crown lengthening procedure also known as gingivectomy – is a technique of lengthening the crown and the procedure where a large piece of tooth is surgically shown by shortening the gums.

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