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Xenios Charalambous shares his journey to the top as a fitness influencer

Written in partnership with Xenios Charalambous.

Putting your ideas into action is never easy, and it takes a lot of courage and perseverance, but most importantly, it all starts with taking your first step. For the famous fitness influencer Xenios Charalambous, it all started in 2008. By working smart and concentrating on his goals, he has reached his place in the industry, and he now shares his journey.

Xenios Charalambous is the founder of, a leading health and fitness brand. Genius has also created The Spartan Coaching Program, where he and his team help people keep fit and help them on their fitness journey.

According to Genius, his main goal is to show people that you don’t have to exercise when you want to lose weight. Regular physical activity can help prevent and fight lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and other conditions. To help her clients achieve their body goals and stay fit, Xenios shared tips on a personalized approach she learned about fitness and what worked for her.

Growing up, Genius wasn’t into health and fitness until one day he was rejected by a girl he had a crush on. At the time, she was only 14 years old, and she didn’t take the rejection well and it affected her self-esteem. Genius says seeing the girl hang out with a tall, well-built, muscular guy really affected her confidence and made her feel like a loser. He stopped eating and spent most of the day indoors gaming which affected his sleep schedule and overall health.

Genius says he weighed 103 pounds (47 kg) at one point, which was a turning point for him. It dawned on Genius that no one was coming to rescue him, and if he wanted a physically fit body he would have to work for it. Genius was admitted to a nearby gym and began weight training. He did so for almost three years before leaving in 2011 to join the Cypriot Special Forces.

Today, the skills he acquired while in the Special Forces set him apart in the industry. Genius has appeared in top publications and podcasts, including millions of views on LA Weekly, New York Weekly, Forbes and Entrepreneur and its YouTube channel. She was also a participant in the Miami Pro Fitness Model Show, finishing 6th out of 50 contestants.

One purpose of Xenios Charalambous is to use his experience and training methods to help his clients reach their goals. He is redefining the health and fitness industry. Fitness is a journey, and to see visible results, you must keep pushing, says Genius. He adds that with physical exercise, different methods work with different body types. Positive results can be obtained only by using the right method.

His BrainInD, Spartan coaching program, is data-driven and one of the most advanced programs to help clients manage their own health and fitness. Personal trainers and nutritionists are on board to educate people on how to achieve the results they want.

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